by King and Nation

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All lyrics written by Frank Miller and Sam Brinkman
All music composed by King and Nation
Artwork by Aaron Gonzalez
Photography by Blanton @ The Light Co

Copyright April 1st, 2014


released April 16, 2015

tracked, mixed and mastered in under 8 hours by ben napier at green audio productions, fort worth tx. special thanks to john wilms, frank miller, eduardo gonzalez, campbell griffin, steve davis, bob davis, and all our friends and family.


all rights reserved



King and Nation College Station, Texas

Indie Groove Rock / College Station, TX.

King and Nation are:
Frank - Vocals
Sam - Guitar
Austin - Bass
Aaron - Guitar
Travis - Drums

images by blanton @

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Track Name: Hot Air Balloon
i’ve grown too old to care so little
but i know it’s my fault
can’t stand here looking back
only see where and what i lack
i know it’s my fault

you can find me at home
i’ve got your picture, i’m not alone

cursed at the bottom of her throat
sweet words that will make you choke
too late for apologies
i need to breathe
Track Name: Aviator Glasses
i’m thinking now so much that i forget your memory
as my blood gets warmer, i feel just a little less
in the morning my head hurts
but that’s just you getting back at me
for trying to forget you and selfishly get out of my mess

i’ve got back pain from stress and an acquired taste for wine
and all your french philosophy could never make me go back
to the mindset that drinking will only help pass the time
but i need it like i need a heart attack

is there a makeup stain on his pillow case too?
i wish my dreams had less to do with you
are there better people in this life that you need?
that is the case and you are better off free

i hope being abroad gives you the clarity you chase
and all the diners you visit are out of your favorite drinks
so dry mouthed you sit and wait for that trendy glass
then i’ll come in and spill it on the ground
and i’ll ask you what you think

is there a ticket to paris tonight one way?
if I had the money, i still wouldn’t go that far
do you remember the look on your face when i asked you to stay?
i never knew the truth could be so hard

everyone needs someone or something or some time to themselves
Track Name: Waylon Jennings
don’t take my baby’s heart away
you know that she’s much too sweet
i’ll take my daddy’s 45
long down this dirt road drive

whiskey, fresh pack of smokes
and i’m on my way to die
the sheriff, he knows my name
the devil just drew first

i’m on my way, i’m just too high
i’m on my way, gone by and by

dirt flies, the gravel hits the sky
the last round: the law and i
lights flash, the old chief hits the ground
and i am gone for good
Track Name: Overdue
falling asleep with my eyes on the ceiling
calling again but my head’s a reeling
drinking alone just to slow down the feeling
falling asleep with my eyes on the ceiling

in the distance i found the answer
i found a home but it’s standing without her
travel for days but never arriving
in the distance i found no answer

you say i’m overdue

doctor, please say i’m good to get back now
i broke my hand but i don’t remember how
my neighbors called because my music is too loud
doctor, please say i’m good to get back now
Track Name: Words Spinning Around
we set out for home about an hour ago
with nothing to change but the leaves and the snow
i’ve been away for about five years,
holding you back with the taste of her tears

i am afraid that i’m too late

you are the one i call late at night
writing me letters and blinking your eyes
i’ve been alone for a matter of time
don’t sign your letters when you write me goodbye

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